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finding balance and connectedness in everyday life

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Bubbles Pop Up Events

Bubbles is a pop-up event series based in Vienna which connects sound, dance and well-being in one sparkling experience. Expect breath work, guided movement and warm ceremonial cacao underlined by an electronic DJ mix, every time featuring a different sound artist. Bubbles exists since June 2020 and evolves with every session.

Together with yoga teacher and dancer Indira, we are inviting you to let go of stress and negativity, guiding you into a state of presence and embodied self-acceptance. Indira guides your through empowering moves for an emotionally releasing dance session, I am bringing in the cacao magic combined with Kundalini-inspired breath work.

Happiness in creation. Authentic moods welcome. No experience necessary. Curiosity alone produces the bubble bath.

The warm cup in your hands. You breathe into your heart space. You have made space for yourself tonight. Taking this moment to forget the daily chaos and dive into your inner chaos. Held by cacao & community. Slowly beginning to get a feeling for what it means to be in your body today. You can feel your heart beating. Ready for an experiece out of the ordinary.

︎ 12.01.22 @ Imhere Dance Studio 1070
︎ 19.01.22 @ Imhere Dance Studio 1070

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Do you want to co-create with us, become our next sound artist, hire us for your special event or share an idea with us? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me for any business inquiries, collaborations & questions. The bubble is dynamic and ever-changing. We love to hear from you!