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finding balance and connectedness in everyday life

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Ancient Latin-American cultures have already used Cacao as a plant medicine in spiritual rituals thousands of years ago. Today, the heart-opening, grounding qualities of raw, ceremonial Cacao are being rediscovered in the West. In this special ceremony I invite you to a full-bodied experience which allows you to connect with the voice of your heart and to sense your unique, limitless potential. My Cacao sessions bring relaxation and clarity, make you feel rooted in the present moment and provide a sense of nourishment and belonging. In a small, intimate circle, we are going on a sacred journey.

We are diving deep. Into the heart. And we allow ourselves to open, to sense, to receive. And to listen. We are getting in touch with this vulnerable place. This place that is truth, so pure, so alive. And then we move. From this place, fearlessly. And we are celebrating. This moment that is infinte.


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The warm cup in your hands. You breathe into your heart space. You are taking it slow today. Taking this moment to forget the daily chaos. You feel your body starting to relax. The point beween your eyebrows softens. You can feel your heart beat. And the journey begins.

My online cacao rituals are moments of profound self-care, self-love, self-exploration. When we gather in a Zoom space, you have the possibility to create your own safe space at home and to participate from anywhere in the world.
In our shared ritual, I am guiding you through an inner journey while you are held by a group experience.

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